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Midomi Music Identifier and Search (Ultra) - Melodis Corporation

 Midomi Music Identifier and Search (Ultra) - Melodis Corporation

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#1 was highest known rank achieved in Music

Midomi Music Identifier and Search (Ultra) - Melodis Corporation "This is amazing... crazy, right?"
-The New York Times' David Pogue

What's that song? Hear it and identify it FAST with Midomi - just hold your iPhone up to a speaker, and Midomi names the tune in as little as five seconds! It even works if you sing or hum the melody, and instantly brings you top songs and similar artists.

? "Genius, isn't it?" -BBC World Radio
? "...could save your sanity." -Don Lemon, CNN
? #1 in "Ten of the Best iPhone Apps." -The Sunday Times (UK)
? PC magazine top 10 music apps
? Time magazine top 11 iPhone apps
? iPhone App Store: "Our Favorite Apps," Featured App, Top 100 Paid Apps

Midomi Ultra is powered by Melodis' own Sound2Sound Search Science, which enables fast and accurate song ID and searching. It's easy to use:

? Identify a recorded song you hear playing, like in a bar or on the radio: just tap the big orange button, hold the iPhone (or iPod touch with compatible Mic) near the speaker, without singing or talking over the recording, and wait for Midomi to return a result.

? See if Midomi can find a song you sing or hum: tap the orange button, sing or hum solo with no background music or noise, then tap the button again when done. It's great for finding songs or as a game!

? Go right to a song or artist you already know: tap the gray Say Search button (the one with the speech bubble), then say something like: "Single Ladies by Beyonce," "Rolling Stones," or "I'm Yours."

Once Midomi Ultra has found your song, it automatically brings up a music browser which lets you:
? Instantly play a free preview or youTube videos - without even leaving Midomi
? Buy the song in iTunes
? NEW: Share it over email, Facebook, or Twitter
? Find lyrics
? Check out the whole album, or the artist - including a bio, photos, similar artists, and more.

No connection while searching? Midomi saves your pending searches so you can get results when you have connectivity.

The name "Midomi" is made up of the notes "mi," "do," and then "mi" again. The notes are a major third apart and have a nice ring to them. Try it out loud: "mi-do-mi!"


Midomi Ultra works on the iPhone, first generation iPod touch (with dock connector mic), and second generation iPod touch (with an external microphone such as in certain Apple headsets).

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Screen Shot for Midomi Music Identifier and Search (Ultra) - Melodis Corporation
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Screen Shot for Midomi Music Identifier and Search (Ultra) - Melodis Corporation
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