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Rumba - Ballroom Dance Channel

 Rumba - Ballroom Dance Channel

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Rumba - Ballroom Dance Channel FREE Rumba LESSON!

Learn the Rumba Basic Step with "Dancing with the Stars" celebrity dancer Tony Dovolani and Elena Grinenko

The Ballroom Dance Channel wants to introduce you to the world of dance with a FREE dance step.

Your iPhone becomes your partner in this revolutionary new interactive mobile dance lesson from the Ballroom Dance Channel.

The Rumba is the dance of love where the man gets to showcase his lovely lady. The Rumba is a slow, sensuous, romantic dance with much flirtation.

With your lesson, you?ll receive instruction on both men?s and women?s footwork in the Basic Rumba step. Other Rumba dance steps:

? Side breaks? Underarm turn ? Forward rocks
? Cross-body lead? Promenade breaks

are available at

Why Learn to Rumba?

The Rumba is the dance of love where the man gets to showcase his lovely lady. The Rumba is a slow, sensuous, romantic dance with much flirtation. Many of the basic figures of the dance have a "tease and run" theme in which the lady first flirts and then plays coy with her partner.

Full of pulsating beats and sensual movements, the Rumba might just be the sexiest ballroom dance out there ? and it?s also one of the most popular, danced everywhere from sultry Caribbean nightclubs to parties, weddings and dance competitions around the world. And with Rumba lessons from Ballroom Dance Channel, it?s even easy to learn.

Learn to move your hips like a pro and you?ll see why this Afro-Caribbean tradition has become an international sensation. ? start your Rumba lessons now!

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