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Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy - Craic Design

 Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy - Craic Design

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#1 was highest known rank achieved in Education

Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy - Craic Design Pocket Universe is the ideal astronomy program for those keen to learn about the night sky. The unique display is generated dynamically depending on your location and time, and then rendered in 3D for a super fast response - flick the sky and it spins around you.

Rated 5/5 by MacWorld!

Now with compass support on iPhone 3GS! Move your iPhone left, right, up and down and the view updates automatically: it's never been easier to explore the sky. Other devices still support up and down motion.

? Apple App Store Staff Favorite
? Voted Best Educational iPhone Application by AppAdvice

If you are running Pocket Universe on an iPhone 3GS, you can use the new "virtual sky" mode. Simply move your iPhone up and down, left and right and the view of the sky will match what you see. It's never been easier to name the objects in the sky!

Note: Be sure that your compass it calibrated for best results. Take a few moments to move your iPhone in a large figure-of-8 pattern before use.

On the iPod Touch and iPhone 3G, the image will change as you hold the device up in front of you, making it easy to match what you see on the screen to the real sky. Pinch the screen to zoom in to planets, and double-tap to zoom out.

Use the "Show Me" option to guide you from facing North to the object you are looking for - it's never been easier to put a name to those lights in the sky, or check to see what the phase the Moon will be for the entire month. Use the built-in time machine to see what the sky will be like tomorrow, or quickly jump to nightfall. On cloudy nights, play the Constellation Quiz, with with or without helpful outlines. You'll soon be an expert skywatcher!

Pocket Universe is ideal for beginners, and works well with naked-eye vision, or as a guide when using a pair of binoculars.

Network is only required to view supplementary web-based news and Wikipedia text. The rendering of the 3D sky and positions of the stars and planets are all calculated in real-time with no access to 3G, Edge or WiFi required.


?Plots the position of the Sun, Moon and Planets (including Pluto)
?Displays 10,000 stars
?Draws the 88 Constellations outlines
?Show Me mode for guidance to planets, constellations and bright stars
?Lunar phases for the current month
?Tonight's Sky creates a list of meteor showers and visible planets
?Constellation Quiz helps you learn your way around the sky
?Night Vision mode

For support or to ask a question, feel free to send a direct message on Twitter to @CraicDesign.

Note: compass support will continue to be improved in future versions and updates will be free.

Some comments from Pocket Universe users:

? For 3GS owners - highly recommend Pocket Universe. Uses compass to show you the night sky as you see it. Amazing little app.
? Check out an app called Pocket Universe. It's a star map app but with a jaw-droppingly cool feature on the 3GS.
? Pocket Universe is an amazing iPhone app. Genius
? Pocket Universe is the coolest iphone app i've seen yet. Augmented reality here we come!
? Next big thing in a little package - iPhone app "Pocket Universe." It's a preview of how Augmented Reality will shape our lives in 5 years.

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Screen Shot for Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy - Craic Design
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Screen Shot for Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy - Craic Design
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