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A Bee Sees

iMech - Flying Dino LLC

 iMech - Flying Dino LLC

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#1 was highest known rank achieved in Role Playing Games

iMech - Flying Dino LLC LIMITED TIME SALE - 99 cents!

8.5/10 (IGN)


THE NEWS (9/11):
- iPod Touch/iPhone firmware 3.1 provides improved performance and stability for online play.
- Server optimizations on September 10th
- New mechs, worlds, weapons on the way this month!

"Flying Dino should be very proud of delivering immensely playable eight-person deathmatch with iMech. This is hardcore online action for hardcore gamers. No other game on the App Store right now delivers a multiplayer experience like this...Grab it and get online."
- Levi Buchanan , IGN

"Anyone who enjoys that sort of steel on steel crush should have a great time with this one."
- Blake Patterson, TouchArcade

"In terms of playing the game, we only had three mechs in the arena, but that was frantic enough for my first time. The graphics are great, with neat touches such as smoke coming out of a mech just before it's about to cook up."
- Jon Jordon, Pocketgamer

"The satisfaction of blowing a real live opponent to smoldering rubble with a giant frickin' laser beam is incredible."
- Andrew Podolsky, Slide To Play

"I have yet to play a multiplayer game of this sort on the iPhone that I felt was worth mentioning and iMech has the potential to change this. The fact that in my brief hands on I began to internally compare and contrast iMech to games like Chromehounds for the Xbox 360 is really a testament to the quality that this game looks to be bringing to the iPhone."
- Nathan Mustafa, iPhoneGamesNetwork

"The game's got some really cool graphics and, a pretty unique and sweet control system."
- James Isabel, The APPera


Welcome to iMech - the Real-Time Online Multiplayer 3D Shooter for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In iMech, players can login to our servers and battle up to 7 other Mechs to the death! Players' scores are tracked and will appear on our rankings page at:

Players can strategically switch between multiple types of weapons, each with their own advantages depending on the situation in this action-packed thriller.

Registering an account is required to track stats in Online mode, but otherwise, you can just select the Instant Online option to jump right in using a default Guest account.

- Full High Resolution 3D Graphics
- Online Mode (East & West Coast servers for optimal network latency in the US, with an EU server for all of Europe)
- Single-Player Tutorial and Practice Modes
- Item/Weapon Pickups
- Match Summary and Stats
- Great Overall Gameplay for a VERY LOW Price

- Use the left control pad to change the Mech's movement. Double-tapping the left control pad cause the Mech to boost, but beware, boosting uses up the Mech's Shields!

- Use the right control pad to move the Mech's direction as well as Fire. Holding down the right control pad shoots continuously with the Machine Gun and Flame Thrower, and charges with the Laser, Rocket, or Mine.

- Switch weapons by either tapping on the weapon rotator at the center or either of the arrows next to the right control pad (for rapid weapon swapping!)

- Tap the top right corner for quick messaging (give props, talk trash, etc.)
- Tap the top left corner to see the kill/death ratio as well as the user ping to the server.

1. Install iPod Touch/iPhone 3.1+ firmware for improved performance and stability.
2. Turn off all push notifications before playing.
3. WEP encryption is prefered for playing since it is faster than WPA or WPA2.
4. Distance to Wifi connection will effect online play.

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Screen Shot for iMech - Flying Dino LLC
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