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Gender Changer - ??????????????????? - Spookies Co., Ltd.

 Gender Changer - ??????????????????? - Spookies Co., Ltd.

    © 2009 Spookies co.,ltd.    

#218 was highest known rank achieved in Entertainment

Gender Changer - ??????????????????? - Spookies Co., Ltd. "Gender Changer" is an application that converts your voice into opposite sex's voice.

It changes the voice by changing the pitch of your voice.

It makes the Karaoke and the podcast happier.

Becoming another singer's voice when the pitch of singer's voice was changed in the tv show in Japan got into the news last year.

This application can easily test it.

* Recording/Playback/Stop/Save(as file).
* Conversion of your voice.
** Man => woman
** Woman => man
** Pitch change
** Echo effect
* Choose from 8kHz/16kHz/44.1kHz quality level.
* The file can be downloaded by using HTTP Server of building into, and using WWW or Wi-Fi.

iPhone or iPod touch 2nd(requires external microphone for ipod touch).

If you have any advices or wishes, please write it in the review. They will be seriously considered on the next version up.

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Screen Shot for Gender Changer - ??????????????????? - Spookies Co., Ltd.
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Screen Shot for Gender Changer - ??????????????????? - Spookies Co., Ltd.
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