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Beep Test (solo) - Simon Taylor

 Beep Test (solo) - Simon Taylor

    © 2009 Simon Taylor     All by author

#224 was highest known rank achieved in Healthcare & Fitness

Beep Test (solo) - Simon Taylor The beep test (also know as the multistage fitness test, bleep test, pacer test and shuttle run test) is a standard fitness test used by professionals to test cardiovascular fitness.

The beep test involves running back and forth between two markers at 20m (6.5? 7.4?) apart at an increasing pace as indicated by audio beeps. Your fitness level will then be calculated based on how long you can keep the pace.

An audio beep and visual cue will indicate marker and stage changes.

The Beep Test is a standard fitness test used by Sporting Teams (including but not limited to soccer, football, Australian Rules AFL, hockey, rugby, cricket, athletics and tennis). The test is also and entry requirement for Police, Fire and Emergency Response, Army, Air Force and Navy.

If you want to really test your fitness level or need to pass a fitness test then this beep test is for you.


-Determines V02 Max (aerobic capacity)
-Determines Fitness Level based on users age/sex
-Professional Audio single beeps at Marker changes
-Professional Audio triple beeps at Stage changes
-Professional Audio voice for current Stage and Marker
-Screen display of Marker and Stage changes
-Set Individual target score
-Results log
-Colour coded results
-Results sorting
-Manually add and edit test scores
-Full test instructions

Note: we recommend that a tape measure is used to measure the 20m (6.5? 7.4?) distance between markers. Why? Well accuracy is important as even a small error due to iPhone GPS will be mutliplied every lap and as such lead to inaccurate testing. As such a GPS measuring feature has not been added to this application on purpose to avoid invalid testing.

**if you would like to test multiple people SIMULTANEOUSLY then purchase the TEAM version of our beep test where you get all the features of our SOLO version plus:
-Add multiple user profiles
-rank and compare multiple users
-Multiple person SIMULTANEOUS testing
-Team target score

Check out for more information.

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Screen Shot for Beep Test (solo) - Simon Taylor
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Screen Shot for Beep Test (solo) - Simon Taylor
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