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ABCs 123s - Y Lau

 ABCs 123s - Y Lau

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ABCs 123s - Y Lau ========================

"ABCs 123s" is an exciting "edutainment" tool for kids. It combines a full set of colorful ABC alphabet with numbers and a whiteboard where you can draw and even "stick" a photo from your iPhone's Photo Album! This combination makes "ABCs 123s" simple to use, yet flexible.

Need to start with the very basic? With the colorful alphabet and numbers, learning ABC and 123 is just fun. As "ABCs 123s" allows kids to write on the whiteboard, it becomes a portable copy book!

Start learning word spelling and simple math like addition and subtraction, or even multiplication and division? Simply "clone" as many alphabet or numbers as necessary. And how about using the 123s to make a funny clock, draw the arms and learn to tell time (or vise versa)?

What's more, the photo tagging feature opens the door for unbounded learning topics. Load your kid's photo and teach her to spell her name. That's a funny experience.

Time for some doodling or drawing? Shake to clear everything and let you kids draw whatever they wish to. Or wouldn't it be good if you attach a kitty photo and let them draw another one next to it? Or draw some foods and toys the kitty enjoys?

"ABCs 123s" is built to inspire parents and help educate, entertain your kids for many years to come.


- Colorful alphabet with numbers that can be moved around
- Tap on letters and numbers on the bottom to clone
- Draw or write with finger
- Eraser allows you to erase only part of your drawing
- Tap on the blue magnet (on the left frame) to attach any photo from your Photo Albums
- Photo zooming
- "Throw away" any letter, number or photo by dragging them out of the frame
- Shake to clear up everything on the whiteboard
- Multi-touch - allows you to draw while your kid moving the letters around*

* "ABCs 123s" dose not currently support drawing with more than 1 finger

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Screen Shot for ABCs 123s - Y Lau
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Screen Shot for ABCs 123s - Y Lau
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