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A Bee Sees

F.A.S.T. -- Fleet Air Superiority Training! - SGN

 F.A.S.T. -- Fleet Air Superiority Training! - SGN

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#1 was highest known rank achieved in Action Games

F.A.S.T. -- Fleet Air Superiority Training! - SGN * One of PocketGamer's Top 10 iPhone Games of 2009!
* Featured in iTunes as What's Hot!
* Top 5 Paid Games!

"F.A.S.T. kicks serious B.U.T.T.!"
-- SlideToPlay

"F.A.S.T. is so gorgeous, so much fun to play and so packed with brilliant online modes that it can't be mistaken for anything other than the best of the best in its genre."
-- PocketGamer

"An extremely fun experience, and one of the most unique in the App Store."

"F.A.S.T. is one of the rare games for the iPhone that will have you gritting your teeth and sitting on the edge of your seat as you wave your iPhone in the air like a raving lunatic."
-- iPhoneAppReviews

War is coming FAST to your part of the world, will you be ready?

Take to the skies in F.A.S.T. - Fleet Air Superiority Training. Dogfight online with your friends, or against perfect strangers, via WiFi and Bluethooth. Increase your rating by beating other pilots and unlock new planes. Compare your rating with the online community via the Top Pilots leaderboard, also view the Top Pilots in your city!

Fly freely in a full 3D, 360-degree environment with realistic flight controls using the accelerometer. Engage countless enemies with 13 unique fighter jets to choose from. Dogfight enemy aircraft in over 30 training missions!

Zoom past the speed of sound and eliminate your enemies via advanced weaponry such as radar-guided missiles, heat seeking missiles, and 20mm air-to-air machine-guns. Watch your missiles slam into enemy aircraft with the ultra high-speed Missile Camera.

Hone your skills with over 30 training exercises, including a step-by-step tutorial. Unlock numerous fighter jets by competing training exercises and competing online!


Play 30 training exercises, including a step-by-step tutorial mission.

Fly 13 deadly aircraft, including the all new XF-140.

Utilize multiple weapons such as Radar Guided Missiles, Heat Seeking Missiles and 20mm miniguns.

Compete one-on-one, two-on-two or Free-For-All over WiFi with pilots from around the world!

Make private rooms and dogfight with your friends!

Dogfight over Bluetooth!

The best full 3D, complete-control dogfighting combat environment available!

Play your iTunes music in-game with the built-in Jukebox!

Check out this video!

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Screen Shot for F.A.S.T. -- Fleet Air Superiority Training! - SGN
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