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Leverage Ratios (Part of Cash Management) - Kevin George

 Leverage Ratios (Part of Cash Management) - Kevin George

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Leverage Ratios (Part of Cash Management) - Kevin George Leverage Ratios (Part of Cash Management):

Common measures of leverage for time and industry comparison

Great tool for business owners or anyone in a short term financial management class.
If you don't know a lot about finance don't worry. Every term and calculation is accompanied by a help box that explains what they mean. A very basic knowledge of business is all that is needed.

This program calculates:
Debt to Assets
Debt to Equity
Current Liabilities to Equity

If you found this application useful the you may find the Cash Management application useful. Some of the other functions of Cash Management can be downloaded for free and some of the other single functions can be downloaded for a lower price.

visit for more information on all the tools included in this program.

Payables Early Discount (Free)
Cash Conversion Period (Free)
Customer Credit Terms
In House Credit
Credit Cards
Cash Flows
Capital Requirements
Liquidity Index
Sustainable Growth Rate
Inventory Ordering
Cash Conversion Period

(*Disclaimer: This program should not be used for accounting purposes or to make financial decisions. It is only meant to serve as a guideline for the possibility of further investigation. The programmers of this application take no responsibility for the accuracy of this program or any decisions that were made based off the information it provides.)

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Screen Shot for Leverage Ratios (Part of Cash Management) - Kevin George
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