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A Bee Sees

Pocket Devil - Eyedip LLC

 Pocket Devil - Eyedip LLC

    © 2009 Eyedip LLC     All by author

#1 was highest known rank achieved in Entertainment

Pocket Devil - Eyedip LLC WE'RE DOING SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY FOR "FRIDAY THE 13th" in NOVEMBER, so be prepared, and keep visiting our blog to find out more...

CHAPTER 2 is in the works, and we plan to take things to a whole new level, but don't miss out on CHAPTER 1! THERE WILL BE UPDATES, please be patient, WE WANT TO SATISFY THE AUDIENCE... we're taking your recommendations extremely seriously, we won't let you down! THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!

Pocket Devil reaches:

#2 Top Paid App Overall in the US
#1 Top Paid Entertainment App in the US
#1 Top Paid Entertainment App in Israel
#1 Top Paid Entertainment App in Canada
#2 Top Paid Entertainment App in Mexico
#2 Top Paid Entertainment App in Argentina
#2 Top Paid Entertainment App in New Zealand
#3 Top Paid Entertainment App in the UK
#4 Top Paid Entertainment App in Colombia
#6 Top Paid Entertainment App in Italy

ATTENTION GEN-1 IPHONE USERS: Pocket Devil is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, 2nd generation and beyond (requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later). We are doing everything we can to fix this. Email us so we can set things right.

** GAMINGNEXUS.COM says, "The music is ironically upbeat, and to my liking... blatantly devious... I wonder what dark and mutilating ways they will come up with for me to torture and kill my cute little Mugat2 clan." **

** THEAPPERA.COM "Pocket Devil has some really cool features in it... There are 6 ways to kill the devils, shackles, gasoline, head decapitator, bony fish, angel transformer and rain of fire. Pocket Devil gets the job done... We found the game to be quite enjoyable."

** THEAPPDATA.COM raves Pocket Devil, "is a very fun app and with the cheap price of a dollar it is a great app for the Halloween season! It is one of my favorite apps on my device!" **

** APPSHOPPER.COM identifies Pocket Devil as one of the fastest growing apps in the app store. **

** POCKETGAMER.COM characterized Pocket Devil as "an 'after' life simulator in which you take charge of purgatory and its many horned minions." **

** GAMINGANGELS.COM brilliantly captured Pocket Devil saying, ?the purpose is not survival but simply to make the world what you will. There are no sins in this sim captured.? **

** INTOMOBILE.COM says that with "Pocket Devil, you can either push them (Mugat2) into suffering or everlasting peace." **

** MACITYNET.IT - "Un vero e proprio inferno tascabile in cui abbiamo potere di vita, di morte e anche di beatificazione sulle piccole anime dannate. Spettacolari e sadiche le pene da infliggere, altre in arrivo con gli aggiornamenti." **

Welcome to Hell
Chapter 1: "Burn Baby Burn"

The afterlife is at your beck and call so fire away the life of a mugat2 and then figure out how to execute the next step of their non-existence. The actions of those mugat2s are solely up to you. You are the master and commander; so let your hands walk alongside your imagination, to make things happen. Will you play naughty or nice? Only time and your temper will tell.

There are no sins in the underworld and no mistakes, so make the mugat2s mad if you so desire. Surviving is overrated, so either send them into a state of misery or sanctify them with sweet dreams. But please be sure to remember, what happens in hell stays in hell!

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