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Marine Sharpshooter - Groove Media Inc.

 Marine Sharpshooter - Groove Media Inc.

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#1 was highest known rank achieved in Action Games

Marine Sharpshooter - Groove Media Inc. Marine Sharpshooter: The best selling sniping game of all time, with over a million copies sold on the PC, is now the number one sniping game on the iPhone/Touch with over one million downloads worldwide!

You are a Marine Sharpshooter, a member of an elite American military force waging a silent war against terror across the globe. Dropped behind enemy lines, you must uncover and dismantle an elaborate terrorist plot to launch a series of coordinated attacks around the world. Your mission will take you from hidden outposts in desert cities to full scale military bases. Make every shot count, your country and the free world is depending on you. Remember your mantra: "One shot, one kill."

Game Features:
- Play through 5 major missions, each containing over a dozen combat environments
- Multiple scenarios including hostage rescue and target assassination missions
- Multiple rifles ? choose from sniper weapons including the SR25, M82 and more; each weapon has unique attributes including damage, recoil, firing rate, etc.
- Strategic game play: take out enemies at higher vantage points and avoid detection longer
- 2 Play modes, Story Mode and Arcade Mode, ensure plenty of action
- 2 types of control: swipe your touch screen or tilt to aim

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Screen Shot for Marine Sharpshooter - Groove Media Inc.
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Screen Shot for Marine Sharpshooter - Groove Media Inc.
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