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A Bee Sees

Ricky - nabil chatbi

 Ricky - nabil chatbi

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#1 was highest known rank achieved in Adventure Games

Ricky - nabil chatbi
----- to play a level double tap on the blue mushroom

FBS Software presents

Help Ricky to find his brother Parry in more than 75 levels and 4 bosses and 4 Worlds, be careful to the enemies , not to touch it and collect the most stars you can to increase the score.

If you like Super Mario Bros surly you will like Ricky.

It all began with the birth of the first child to the family of "Peet."
The night of his birth, the young ?Parry? was abducted by a "boos,"
never to be heard of since .
He were looking for a couple to use the body to increase its powers.

The family had no choice but to proceed with their lives,
as rescuing young Parry was out of the question.
Soon, they decided to have another child,
and in time, the little "Ricky" was born.

When Ricky came of age, his parents told him the sad story of the
fate of his lost brother Parry.
"Ricky" often thought of this brother, whom he never knew,
and one day decided to head out on a quest to find him .

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Screen Shot for Ricky - nabil chatbi
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Screen Shot for Ricky - nabil chatbi
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