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iDork Lite - The Game Creators

 iDork Lite - The Game Creators

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#1 was highest known rank achieved in Adventure Games

iDork Lite - The Game Creators ===============================
NEWS: 10 New exciting levels

iDork Lite

A new and innovative game from the team that created the #1 game iDare.

Lost in a world of school paperwork is 'iDork' your doodled stick man who needs help to escape the reams of homework sheets that are his prison.

iDork is very sensitive and has to avoid many dangers across 20 levels of play.

You draw lines for him to walk and jump across so he can reach the rip in the paper where he can make good his escape.

If iDork touches any objects like pencils, protractors, staple removers and pencil sharpener blades then he'll die and be reset to the start of the level.

Other dangers include doodles that have come alive, such as a sketched gun that shoots bullets.

Game levels are mixed between single screen and scrolling and the difficulty slowly builds as you play through. Your progress is remembered between game sessions.

Listen to four wacky music tracks as you play, or if you prefer play your own iTunes music.

iDork Lite is unique because it utilises the touch facility of the iPhone & iTouch devices to give you new and exciting game play mechanics.

Enjoyed playing iDork Lite? If so, play the full version which has 50 levels, new enemies, dangers and challenges.

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Screen Shot for iDork Lite - The Game Creators
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Screen Shot for iDork Lite - The Game Creators
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