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Build a Free Custom Download Manager! It will download just the files you want.

Will you or someone else have trouble downloading a large file or files? Just fill in this form and click Build to create the small Download Manager EXE file (about 340KB). When run, that small program will download the files you entered on the form--from a single small image, to five DVD sized files!

 Build a Download Manager - For Free.

Security Code

Security Code: 

Enter one or more URLs that your download manager should get. Both HTTP and FTP are allowed.



Tip: You may need to disable any other download manager tools; they may interfere with generating your own Free downloader.

What can you do with the Downloader you build?
Anything you like. You could put it on your website to help people download your files. You could use it at home to help Grandma download a video file. You really can use it for anything you want.

Can I link to this page?
Yes, please!
But: you must store the downloader EXE file this page generates on your own server. You may not "script" this form to automatically generate these EXEs from your own page.

Any other tips?
For every file on FindFiles, you can create a download manager with just a click. Browse the categories in the "Find Files" button at the top of the page, or search our 1000's of titles. All the program "Details" pages have a link to build a download manager! Or when searching, all the Mirror results have a link right on the results page to build one too!

Want More Power and Options?
These are created using the GetRightToGo tool. You can download and try the GetRightToGo Builder to create far more customized downloaders of your own. Or if you want a Download Manager so all your downloads can do resuming, scheduling, accelerating, and much more, you should try GetRight®

A few of the many additional options available in GetRightToGo:
  1. Instead of the interface we designed (that links to all of our web sites) you can use all your own names and graphics.
  2. You can design your own custom user interface that looks like your web site or product.
  3. You can set files to run/open when done.
  4. You can "accelerate" the downloads, making more than one connection and getting several parts of the same file at the same time.
  5. You can show a license or any sort of message you want before the download starts.
  6. You can do easy checks to only download files if they're needed (such as to only download DirectX or .NET files if they are needed).
  7. You can even download a file using the BitTorrent protocol!
  8. And much more. There are many options to do what you want with your downloader.

A variety of prices and options will fit anyone from a tiny Shareware company with one program to giant corporation with thousands of products.

We're not the only ones using GetRightToGo, read about other Websites Using GetRightToGo. Or visit

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