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Submission Terms

  1. You may submit Windows, Mac, Linux, and/or PDA Software.
  2. You must be the software author or the person who has been given the right to submit it.
  3. The software must NOT infringe on any copyrights or international treaties.
  4. We do not accept software bundled with third party advertising (Adware) or tracking components (Spyware).
  5. The software must be virus-free.
  6. In most cases we only accept submissions for stable versions. If you send us a submission for beta or other unstable product release, we will more than likely decline your submission.
  7. The software interface and all its documentation must be IN ENGLISH.
  8. The download URL should take to a program file and NOT to a web page.
  9. Both PAD file and program file must be ALWAYS accessible from your server.
  10. The software must NOT request your email address or other personal information before you can download and/or use it.
  11. The software must provide users with a clear and simple method for its removal.
  12. We reserve the right to decline or remove any software listing from our database for reasons at our own discretion.

Software types we do NOT accept

  1. Anything we don't want to accept in our sole discretion.
    (Recently: screensavers only to promote the website, batches of cloned video conversion tools, batches of cloned "data recovery" software, etc.)
  2. Online Casino & Gambling,
  3. Anything of an "Adult" nature,
  4. eBooks of any kind,
  5. Desktop Wallpapers,
  6. Browser Search Toolbars,
  7. Warez, cracks, or any other application type that breaks copy-protection,
  8. Applications designed to spam email, USENET,
  9. Web Scripts (e.g. PHP, ASP, CGI, JavaScript etc.),
  10. Anything that is more promotional than useful.

Important Notice

Any persisting efforts to deceive or mislead will cause ALL YOUR LISTINGS to be removed from our database and your IP/URL to be banned for all further submissions! This includes, but is not limited to:

If you are submitting lots of "cloned" products from different website names, they will all get deleted and banned!

  1. Multiple sumbissions of the same software product from different sites/URLs or by manipulations in your company name or title (!, $, #, 1, A1 etc.),
  2. Fake regular version updates,
  3. Submissions of software producing false positive results to encourage or force users to purchase it (e.g. rogue antivirus/antispyware/registry cleaners etc.),
  4. Non-software submissions (e.g. online services, guides etc.),
  5. Submissions to gain traffic to a non-exclusive software site or URL,
  6. Spamming,
  7. Affiliate/Reseller submissions,
  8. Application HomePage/Download URLs redirects (e.g. tinyurl, other download sites, file sharing services etc.),
  9. Efforts to get higher visibility for your listing by providing invalid affiliate data, using any leakage technique for prevention of affiliate tracking etc.,
  10. Efforts to expedite your submission by providing back link URL from other's site or from an orphan (not linked from anywhere) page on your site,

About PAD

What is PAD?

PAD is the Portable Application Description, that helps the software authors provide product descriptions and specifications to online sources in a standard way, using a standard data format that will allow webmasters and program librarians to automate program listings. PAD saves time for both authors and webmasters. More information can be found here.

In order to use the advantages of PAD, you should produce a PAD file in XML format for each software. Please refer to the latest version of PAD specification and pay your attention on strings format and strings length to create PAD files that are compatible with PAD enabled web sites.

To produce your PAD files in a simple way, you may use free PADGen tool. Then, you can submit your software only by entering the PAD file URL to the most of software download sites - the list of PAD enabled sites is available here:

Accepted PAD Files

Your PAD files should be compatible with PAD specification version 2.0 or higher having included the <Program_Category_Class> field (older versions did not specify the category listing within PAD files). For creation of valid PAD files please use the freeware PADGen with version number 2.0 or higher (the current version is 3.x) that fully supports this format.

The following fields in PAD file are required:


The following fields in PAD file are optional:


PAD Creation Tips

  1. Do NOT specify the software version in PAD file name! When updating your software product on the web you will have to update the existing PAD file and NOT to create a new one!
  2. Provide your valid email address in Contact Email Address field to be able to receive PAD polling error reports, update and review notices etc.
  3. Do NOT specify the software version in Title field (e.g. "your-software-name v.2.01", "your-software-name 2.01", etc.) but ONLY in Version field of your PAD!
  4. Do NOT include the license information in your software name (e.g. "your-software-name single user license", "your-software-name 25 users license", etc.)!
  5. Specify the same software name in PAD file as provided on your web site! Do NOT add any descriptions and/or any other unwanted information in Title field!
  6. Do NOT include the software name and/or any other unwanted information in Company field - this will only prevent to search the software by company name!
  7. The Screenshot URL must take DIRECTLY to an image file and NOT to screenshots page on your web site!
  8. The Icon URL must take to an image in a web-supported format (GIF, JPG or PNG, NOT in ICO format!) having size 32x32 pixels!
  9. The Download URL must take DIRECTLY to the program file and NOT to download page on your web site!
  10. Affiliates PAD extension is intended ONLY for establishing the affiliate partnerships between you and the download sites, so if you do NOT support affiliate partnerships via current payments service, do NOT fill the appropriate field but leave it empty!
  11. To change the PAD file URL just set the PAD XML File field of the old PAD file taking to the new PAD file location so that on the next polling round our script could pick it up automatically.

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